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Brookfield Public Library

102 E. Boston Street * Brookfield, MO 64628 * (660) 258-7439

Library Policies

            Mission Statement

The mission of the Brookfield Public Library is to provide its patrons with access to materials that will enhance their cultural, educational, informational, and recreational lives.

                                                                     Vision Statement

The prime objective of the Brookfield Public Library shall be to promote enlightened citizenship in order that the personal life of the people of Brookfield may be enriched. To realize this objective the library accepts the responsibility for the diffusion of information and ideas.

In fulfilling this responsibility the library has a fourfold purpose to provide library materials to (1) furnish the wide variety of information required by a population diverse in economic and social life; (2) provide for all the opportunity to further their educational attainments; (3) stimulate a richer and more meaningful use of recreational and leisure time; and (4) offer an inspiration to greater appreciation of living which comes through an experience with great literature, great art, great music, and great ideas.

To execute fully its fourfold purpose the library shall provide, within its means, books, audio’s, videos, periodicals, Internet and other such materials as possible, with the best possible guidance in their use.

The Board of Trustees of the Brookfield Public Library formally endorses the Library Bill of Rights.

Genealogy Requests

Persons requesting genealogy research must send the library a written request and a check. The cost is $5.00 per lookup. You will be charged whether or not we find the information. You must give as much detail as possible as the search will be limited to 30 minutes. Or you may contact Genealogy Researcher’s of Linn County, Elsie McCollum, 708 McGowan, Brookfield, MO 64628,(660)258-3083.


Meeting Room Policy

The purpose of this policy is to insure an orderly, peaceful and efficient use of the Library meeting room and equipment so as to accommodate and provide equal access to as many groups and organizations as is reasonably possible.  Personal events, including but not limited to birthday parties, wedding receptions, and reunions are generally not considered appropriate use of the Library meeting room.
The Director or other designated library staff member shall schedule or reserve the meeting room in accordance with the following regulations.
Only individuals or organizations which are not-for-profit may use the meeting room.

  • Scheduling regular group meetings will be at the discretion of the library director as to not interfere with the business of the Library.
  • The meeting room may only be used during business hours and concluded in time to vacate the building at the regularly scheduled closing time.
  • Food and nonalcoholic beverages may be served if care is used to prevent damage.
  • Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the building.
  • The room must be left in good, clean order with folding chairs returned to the holder. Failure to leave the room in satisfactory order will result in a room charge of a minimum of $25.00.
  • Facilities may not be used for commercial purposes, (i.e., sale of goods or services, executing fee-for-service agreements, or securing contracts of commitment to services provided elsewhere). Commercial programs listed or presented as informational, educational, or instructional must remain so, and presenters shall make no direct solicitation of attendees to secure clients or customers for their commercial purpose.
  • Parents may not leave children unattended while using meeting room facilities.
  • Meetings must be conducted in a quiet, orderly manner.
  • No materials, equipment or furniture belonging to any group may be stored on Library premises and the Library will assume no responsibility if materials, etc. are left on the premises.

                                                   Library Cards

1. To obtain a library card at no charge, a person must be a resident of the City of Brookfield and reside in the city limits or own property in the city limits. Proof of identity and residency is required. If you own property in the city limits but live outside the city limits you must provide a paid tax receipt.
2. Persons who are not Brookfield city residents or own property in the city limits may purchase a library card at a cost of $25 per year. (This is equal to $2.08 per month) Proof of identity and address is required. All residents at that household who are eligible are covered.
3. Patrons must notify the library immediately of any changes in name, address, and phone or property ownership.
4. Children are permitted to apply for a library card at any age. A parent or guardian must sign the application and assume responsibility for materials checked out.
5. Patrons are responsible for all materials checked out on their library cards and any fees or replacement charges. Lending a library card to another person is discouraged. Exceptions may be made if it can be verified that a visiting relative or caregiver has the permission of the cardholder and will be using the card for a limited time.
6. Patrons with overdue materials are required to return them and pay fines before additional items may be obtained. An attempt will be made to notify a patron when an item is overdue, but it is the patron's responsibility to return the book on time.
7. A patron who loses library material(s) is required to reimburse the library for the replacement value of the item(s).
8. The library assumes no responsibility for damage resulting from the use of library materials or equipment.
9. The Director may consult with the proper legal authority in regard to the prosecution of a patron with overdue materials pursuant to RSMo 570.200 to 570.215.
10. Should an individual repeatedly fail to return materials on a timely basis, the Director may limit the number or value of items checked out by that person.
11. Failure to comply with these policies or attempts to circumvent the policies will result in the loss or denial of library privileges.

                        DONATIONS OF BOOKS & OTHER MATERIALS

The Brookfield Public Library welcomes donations of books and other library materials. Subscriptions and gift books can be significant additions to the library's resources.
All donations become the property of the library.  Any donated item added to the collection will become an integral part of the collection and the policy of use will follow regular library practice.  Items not added to the collection may be sold, donated to other libraries or
agencies, or placed in the free box. If you plan to claim a deduction on your Income Tax return, please refer to Internal Revenue Service Publication 561, "Valuation of Donated
Property."  (This document is available at  It is the donor's responsibility to determine the fair market value of donated property.
The Internal Revenue Service considers that libraries receiving gifts may be a prejudicial party and therefore unable to render an accurate and fair appraisal of gifts. 

Collection Policy

The collection provides for the needs of the community by providing an extensive fiction and nonfiction collection at all reading levels and in multiple formats which covers a broad range of topics. Not all subjects will be covered in depth, as the purpose of the collection is to provide some current information on many subjects rather than a limited number of subjects. The collection provides a wide variety of popular materials for reading, listening and viewing .


The Brookfield Public Library does not promote particular beliefs or views, neither does it endorse any particular item contained in its collection. Resources are provided so that an individual may examine issues freely and make their own decisions and the library makes no judgment as to the suitability of the materials, information or services for any of its patrons. Access is provided to all materials and services with the expectation that individuals or parents are the best judge of suitability for themselves or their children.

The library will provide, as far as possible, materials on all sides of controversial issues, materials that give evidence of a sincere desire to be factual, and that show results of careful study. Materials which serve the purposes of the library, meet required standards of quality, and relate to an existing need or interest, will not be remove from the collection because of pressure by groups or individuals.

The necessity for careful evaluation and selection of materials is keenly recognized. The library shall maintain an adequate balance between basic, permanent value materials, timely materials presenting varied points of view on current issues and problems and purely recreational materials.

The Brookfield Public Library uses the following criteria for the selection of materials, information or services. The community. The merit of the material - its format, educational significance and the quality of writing. The physical limitations of the facility. The need for additional material on a subject. The author’s reputation and significance as a writer. The scarcity of material on the subject. The timeliness or permanence of the book. The appearance of the title in special bibliographies or indexes. The authoritative and/or intent of the author. Readability and popular appeal. Budgetary considerations. Items regarded as special materials, which are not intended for the general public, are not purchased. These items include textbooks, professional support materials or technical manuals.

Adult materials are selected for the mature reader alone, being judged in no way on their suitability for children or young people. Adult fiction is selected for its appeal to the patrons and for its quality as literature. The library attempts to provide a wide selection of standard fiction titles as well as current best sellers. Nonfiction items are selected in an attempt to educate and inform readers.

Young Adult materials are selected to contribute to the development of well-rounded citizens alert to the problems of the community, the country, and the world. Readable adult titles are selected that are keyed to the young adult’s needs and interest. Titles written specifically for young adults are naturally included.

Children’s materials are selected to include the best available titles of fiction and nonfiction for ages birth through sixth grade. Works will be chosen which enhance intellectual, cultural, social and ethical development and growth of the individual child in addition to recreational reading.

Weeding Policy:

Weeding is a continuous process by which materials no longer useful are removed from the collection. The most obvious candidates for weeding are those materials which are irreparably damaged, outdated or mediocre. This process is necessary if the collection is to be kept fresh, alive and current. This also ensures that library space is utilized in the best and most economical way. Items which have been withdrawn from the collection may be sold in the library book sale or given away via the free book box.

Unattended Children Policy

Children left alone at the library often become frightened and anxious. Children may be able to occupy their time for a short while, but they may soon become bored and restless disturbing the work and study of others. Parents should not view the library as an alternative to daycare. Unlike a daycare facility, the library is not a closed environment. Staff cannot monitor everyone who enters, and all patrons are free to use any public area within the library. Parents should be advised that if their children misbehave, they may be told to leave the library and the library grounds. Parents should further realize that, even in their absence, they are legally responsible for their children’s behavior. The safety of all children left alone in the library is a serious concern. No public place, including the library, can guarantee the safety of children. Library staff members cannot supervise children left in the library unattended.
If a child is found without a parent/guardian or caregiver, library staff will attempt to locate the parent/guardian or care giver who is not in the Library and explain the Unattended Child Policy. If a parent/guardian or caregiver cannot be located within 30 minutes, library staff will contact the Brookfield Police Department to pick up the child.
In the event a child is at the library at closing, the library staff will make one attempt to contact the parent or other responsible caregiver. If the parent or other responsible caregiver cannot be located, the library staff will contact the Brookfield Police Department to pick up the child. Under no circumstances will library staff take a child home.

Computer Policy

Internet access at Brookfield Public Library is an extension of the library’s commitment to meeting the community’s information needs. To maximize availability to this resource and insure fair accessibility for all, please follow the Computer and Internet Guidelines that include the library’s policies, rules, and procedures.
There is explicit material and other information that you may personally find controversial or inappropriate. Not all sources on the Internet provide accurate, complete, or current information. You need to be a good information consumer, questioning the validity of the information you find. Although we use an anti-virus program, this will not completely protect you from the chance of getting a virus. Software downloaded from the Internet may contain a virus. Brookfield Public Library is not responsible for damage to a patron’s equipment or computer, or loss of data, damage, or liability that may occur from a patron’s use of the library’s computers and/or Internet access.
Brookfield Public Library, having installed filtering software, will have no liability for damages related to the operation of, or failure of, the filtering software, or for its circumvention by users.
Library staff cannot provide in-depth training on using the computers and/or the Internet. We can get you started, answer general questions, and offer suggestions on search strategies.

. Users must be patrons of the library in good standing (no fines or overdues).
  Guests may use the computers for a charge of $1 per 30 minutes, maximum of 2 hours.
   Guests must show photo ID and sign guest log.
The computers are on a first come, first serve basis and may be used up to two hours per        day per person.
Printed copies are $.25 per page.
Computer workstations are designed for use by one person at a time.
  Internet access may not be available or slow due to technical problems.
All computers automatically shutdown 15 minutes before closing.

Unacceptable Uses of Computers

  Uses that violate the law or encourages others to violate the law; viewing, transmitting or downloading pornographic material.
Violation of computer security or unauthorized use of computer accounts or access codes
Use of computer which impedes activities of others.
Violation of software license agreements, network usage policies and/or regulations.
Violation of user privacy.
Destruction or damage to equipment, software, or data belonging to the library.
Unauthorized monitoring (or disruption of) electronic communications.
Unauthorized use or destruction of data of other users.
Unauthorized copying or copyright-protected material.
Harassing, libeling, or slandering other users.
The library will install filtering software or other technologies on all library computers with Internet access, and will enforce the operation of same during any use of those computers, to prevent minors(persons under the age of 18) from accessing visual depiction’s that are
(1) obscene, (2) child pornography, or (3) harmful to minors.

Filtering software is not foolproof. It diminishes the likelihood that searches will inadvertently retrieve text or images that they may find offensive, but does not eliminate that possibility. Filters often block access to sites that users would consider both inoffensive and useful.

If you do not find what you need, please do not hesitate to ask a librarian for help.



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